Reasons to ski and snowboard Chamonix for Easter

Why ski Chamonix at Easter?

  • The days are longer and the lifts are open longer too.  Generally the lifts open earlier and stay open later in April.  Also the evenings are lighter and in the better weather you can take your apres ski on a lovely sunny terrace and enjoy the last of the rays.
  • The weather is generally better making it great to get kids going on the slopes without fear of them freezing and being put off.  If you love to ski and snowboard there is nothing worse than having kids that hate it.  Kind of limits what you get up to on family holidays in the future.
  • It’s ski touring season. The longer days and the better weather make it conducive for donning the climbing skins and getting out in the backcountry. Chamonix has a mass of ski touring opportunities for day tours and overnight.
  • Chamonix lift system gets you high and access north facing slopes.  90% of the Chamonix ski areas are above 2,000 m.  Grands Montets lifts get you up to 3,295 m and the Aiguille du Midi 3,842 m.
  • Chamonix is a playground for outdoor activities.  As well as skiing and snowboarding there are so many options for doing different things as well.  You can ski in the morning and then rock climb at the road side crag at Les Gaillands.  Assuming that we don’t get a low level dump of snow there is also golf, tennis, swimming, mountain biking and of course trekking.

What is Spring skiing?

Generally spring skiing is when the days are hot and the snow surface melts making it great for skiing.  Overnight the temperatures drop and the surface refreezes making it “bullet proof” first thing in the morning before the sun heats it up again and we ski all over again.  This does mean that the skiing and snowboarding window can be limited to 3-4 hours when the snow is in great condition but having said that we have had some of the best powder days of the winter in April.

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